Prepare To Wow Him On Father's Day With These Standout Scents

With less than one week left until Father's Day, fragrance is the last minute gift that will make your shopping list shorter and leave him satisfied. There are a innumerable number of options out there, so we've saved you a Google search by gathering the latest and greatest scents to cross our radar. These scents smell so good, you may just end up sharing! 

Nikki Brown Jun, 12, 2017

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Our obsession with Jo Malone scents is something serious, so we're unpredictably fawning over the limited edition release of their Myrrh and Tonka cologne. A delightful mix of lavender, Omumburri myrrh and tonka make this feel like a warm, lush blanket for the skin. 

available at Jo Malone London $200 Buy Here

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Inspired by Bohemian Paris and the emerald-colored spirit absinthe, this scent is the perfect balance of cool spice and woody warmth. If the man in your life is all about adventure, he'll get a kick out of this one! 

available at Sephora $130 Buy Here

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The no-nonsense man in your life will live for this woody aroma, layered with notes of fresh harvested vetiver roots. The perfect post-shower smell! 

available at Birchbox $76 Buy Here

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And if he needs something a little heavier, CLEAN makes an equally tantalizing scent that brings together leather, musk, black peppercorn and other spicy notes, leaving behind a smoky (and confident) trail. 

available at Birchbox $76 Buy Here

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This powerhouse set, valued at $146, includes fragrance and aftershave balm, both enclosed in the designer brand's signature leather casing. 

available at Saks Fifth Avenue $102 Buy Here

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This three-in-one set is the epitome of fresh and includes an all over shampoo, after shave balm and eau de toilette. All bases covered! 

available at Macy's $90 Buy Here