17 Beauty and Hair Products ESSENCE Editors Are Packing For ESSENCE Fest

New Orleans heat is no joke! If you're joining us at ESSENCE Festival 2017 and have no idea how to keep your makeup, skin and hair on point, shop the products our editors are packing for the jam-packed weekend. 

Nikki Brown Jun, 22, 2017

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"My fragrance obsession is real. I've got about eight different ones that live on my desk at any given time. And since I can't fit all of them into my carry-on, I'll be living my best life in Urban Decay's new (travel-friendly) perfume oil. This limited edition scent is a light mix of lavender, bergamot and orange blossom that won't suffocate my skin in the New Orleans heat." -Nikki Brown, Associate Hair and Beauty Editor

available at Sephora $24 Buy Here

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"I never travel anywhere without my e.l.f. Matte Magic Mist & Set. I have naturally oily skin and after applying my makeup, this product helps keep my look in place for the day. What makes it even better is the price! It’s definitely a summer must-have!" -Lauren Porter, Assistant Love & Lifestyle Editor

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"They are everything when trying to style my braids in different ways. Sold in bright, bold colors, they definitely match the vibrant environment of NOLA."-Lauren Porter, Assistant Love & Lifestyle Editor

available at Zara $10 Buy Here

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"For my skin, I use a DIY blend of avocado oil ($13, amazon.com) and rosehip seed oil ($14, amazon.com). I just add a little to my night time moisturizer — not too much because no one likes an oily face!" -Sydney Scott, Assistant Entertainment Editor

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"I’m obsessed with Cantu’s Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. I’ve done a number of horrible things to my hair, so I use this daily to maintain healthy, moisturized hair." -Sydney Scott, Assistant Entertainment Editor

available at Target $6 Buy Here

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"After I lotion for the day, I'll be spraying this on to protect my skin from the harsh rays of NOLA. In addition to just being a health precaution, I love to smell of sunscreen and how it leaves my skin with a subtle glow." -Danielle Kwateng-Clark, Entertainment Editor

available at CVS $9 Buy Here

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"Can’t leave home without a dope sunscreen. This Dr. Barbara Sturm formulation is the MVP of SPFs in my book. The potent sun protectant blends in beautifully with darker skin and I love cocktailing it with my tinted moisturizer and/or foundation." -Julee Wilson, Beauty and Style Director

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"I’ve got to keep my box braids looking and feeling fresh each day in the Nola heat — and this is the product will help me do it. It’s lightweight but packs a powerful punch." -Julee Wilson, Beauty and Style Director

available at Sephora $24 Buy Here

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"My signature red lip comes with me no matter where my plane is headed. This one never lets me down and works for day and night." -Charli Penn, Senior Digital Love & Relationships Editor

available at Sephora $24 Buy Here

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"I don’t play when it comes to protecting my precious melanin from the sun!" -Natasha Hatendi, Digital Art Assistant

available at Target $2 Buy Here

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"As I Am Double Butter Cream is the TRUTH! *praise hands* It really helps to moisturize my hair and my twist outs lasts all day. It works like no other product I have tried and it smells glorious!" -Natasha Hatendi, Digital Art Assistant

available at Target $14 Buy Here

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"Skin hydration is very important, especially in the hot NOLA sun! This travel-sized spray keeps my glow on lock and is a nice pick-me-up during the day. Bonus, a small spritz right after make-up will help set your look for the long day ahead." -Christina Coleman, Senior News and Culture Editor

available at Nordstrom $7 Buy Here

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"Not a traditional hair product, but I’m pretty terrible at wrapping my curls at night in a scarf or bonnet. Traveling with a silk pillowcase ensures that I can hop in bed and not have to worry about split ends in the morning. And really, anything that helps me get to bed faster is a winner in my eyes." -Christina Coleman, Senior News and Culture Editor

available at Satin Lined Caps $35 Buy Here

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"In the warmer months, I tend to get more oily than usual. Keeping my makeup in place and making sure it looks flawless is super important, especially at Festival. In order to do this, you need to have a good base. So I will certainly be bringing my favorite travel size primer. This bad boy is a bit pricey for the amount you get, but it’s totally worth it." -Cristina Coppin, Assistant Photo Editor

available at Sephora $22 Buy Here

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"As hot and humid as it may be in NOLA, I will be rocking super sleek hair. To prevent my straight hair from getting frizzy and keeping it nice and shiny, I swear by Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum. It also has a nice fruity smell to it that’s perfect for summer." -Cristina Coppin, Assistant Photo Editor

available at Ulta $20 Buy Here

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"I’m obsessed with Carol’s Daughter’s Black Vanilla leave-in conditioner—it’s perfect for moisturizing my hair on the go." -Yolanda Sangweni, Digital Content Director

available at Target $11 Buy Here

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"In case you don't know, New Orleans in July is hot hot hot! My hair soaks up the humidity which is like an amazing all day deep conditioning treatment, but it also means styles won't hold well. I'll be slicking my hair back a lot with this magical concoction. Just apply with an ever-faithful tooth brush, set with a satin scarf for 5 minutes, and go!" -Joslyn Winkfield, Photo Editor

available at Sally Beauty $16 Buy Here