<p>Dope Stuff On My Desk: Secret Has An Amazing New Invisible Deodorant And More Awesome Finds </p>


It’s not a secret, that well, Secret makes the best antiperspirant deodorants around. And now the brand has created even more no-sweat magic by debuting its new Invisible Spray. There are several reasons why these new spray-n-go’s are so doubt. Let me count the ways…

1. I adore all the amazing scents — which include Luxe Lavender, Boho Berry, Glam Grapefruit and, my favorite…Cool Waterlily!

2. Special sweat-activated technology ensures that you’ll stay dry and smelling delightful. 

3. Last but not least, the spray goes on completely invisible on ALL skin tones. Gotta love that! 

A few other things I’m digging this week are Maison Miru’s collection of stud earrings that you can curate into eye-catching looks for each of your ears. And because life sometimes/always gives you lint (and pet hair) you’ll want to grab a super chic portable and refillable lint roller by Flint

Check out all of these dope things in the video above and let me know what you’ll be snagging in the comments section. See you next week with more!