These Are Etsy’s Top Trending Black-Owned Beauty Shops
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As of today, Etsy has over 1.5 million items listed in its Bath and Beauty category. That’s no modest feat, especially for an online destination that caters to small business owners. What makes the digital marketplace increasingly successful isn’t just its hodge podge of niche items, like essential oil-infused bath salts or doughnut-shaped soap. It breaks the fourth wall between the shopper and brand by providing an insider’s look at ingredients and the creating process. And for Black business owners looking to break into the oversaturated beauty industry, this type of user experience is supremely beneficial. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. Outside of inclusive, big-time retailers like Target as well as brick and mortar destinations like Vivrant Beauty (also online), Etsy has become place we can depend on for our skin and hair. In fact, some of its best-selling brands are owned by Black women, whose au naturel methods have motivated us to curate a more healthy regimen.
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One of them is Brown Butter Beauty, a Brooklyn-based apothecary started by Christine Gant. Her herbal-focused line was partly inspired by the hair and skin issues she experienced while working as a museum photographer.
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After thinning hair and eczema forced her to consider a new self care routine, Brown Butter Beauty was born.
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And thanks to her research within the natural sector, we have affordable luxuries, like this detox mask formulated with Montmorillonite clay, a centuries-old magnet for toxins. The Los-Angeles based Joshica Beauty is another Black-owned brand with major buyer loyalty on Etsy.
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Like Brown Butter Beauty, Joshica Kiah’s collection also includes small batch, botanical-based hair and beauty products. Partly inspired by her great-grandmother, who was an expert soap maker, the wife and mother’s committment to creating for kinky hair textures is why Etsy shoppers flock to her Joshica Beauty shop.
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And that includes the fellas! Her five star rated beard oil is formulated with six different oils (camalina, argan, tea tree, jojoba, cedarwood, lemongrass) that aid in soothing skin and de-frizzing hair.
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Etsy’s inclusive market spans not only race, but age as well. Its top trending list of beauty brands includes one owned by 16 year old Zandra Cunningham.
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After joining the Kids Biz Small Business Development Center program at Buffalo State College just before her tenth birthday, the Zandra Beauty founder continued to foster her interest in entrepeneurship. Eventually, she ended up at Etsy’s Open Call, where she was a finalist. Today, her products with inspirational messaging continue to sell as she advises young adults how to achieve the same level of success. Another running theme throughout Etsy’s best selling Black-owned brands is the importance of familial ties. The Norfolk, VA-based Jakaela brand, owned by Kay D., is a popular standout because of its herbal-based products, like cleanser for your sweet spot. The Black-girl approved collection is inspired by Kay’s desire to pass down the beauty traditions set by her mother.
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One thing’s for sure: we’ll be supporting all of these brands well into the New Year.    


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