The Latest and Greatest Products For Getting Pearly Whites On A Budget

Besides your bi-annual dentist visits, there are plenty of opportunities to take your teeth a few shades lighter. If you're a diehard coffee drinker, wine enthusiast or tea devotee, get familiar with 11 of the most affordable and effective teeth whitening products out today. 

Nikki Brown Sep, 06, 2017

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This top-rated Amazon gem is the secret to quickly removing stains and stubborn plaque from your teeth. 

available at Amazon $20 Buy Here

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A makeup artist and dental scientist came together to create this system that promises to whiten teeth an average of four shades after using for two weeks. 

available at POPWHITE $24+ Buy Here

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This is an oldie, but goodie that continues to sell like hot cakes because it actually works. 

available at Target $25 Buy Here

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This USA-made formula is 100% vegan for those with super sensitive gums. And although it's free of all the typical toothpaste ingredients, this one still gets the job done. 

available at Hello $6 Buy Here

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This all-natural, cocoa-flavored toothpaste is made with MCT oil, which is lauded for its antibacterial properties that can easily break down and dissolve plaque.

available at The Dirt $20 Buy Here

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The key ingredient in this innovative duo is Calprox, a mix of encapsulated calcium peroxide and minerals that remove sticky biofilm and stains from the teeth. 

available at Ulta $27 Buy Here

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If you're up for the unconventional, this all-natural powder uses a powerful mix of ingredients that provide your mouth with the properties it needs to reject plaque and bacteria. 

available at Fig & Yarrow $14 Buy Here

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Melaleuca Oil and myrrh reduce odor-causing bacteria while papain contains teeth-whitening properties and flouride aids in the prevention of cavities. 

available at Amazon $11 Buy Here

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Add this powerful gel to your toothpaste and expect slightly whiter teeth after just two days. 

available at Nordstrom $29 Buy Here

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Store this adorable compact in your purse and remove red wine stains from your teeth on-the-go. 

available at Amazon $6 Buy Here

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This unique formula harnesses the power of activated charcoal coconut oil, baking soda and bentonite clay to whiten teeth and prevent cavities the all natural way. 

available at Pearl Bar $13 Buy Here