10 Best Powders, Pomades and Pencils For Perfectly Arched Brows 

If you have sparse brows, there are plenty of ways to fake more volume.  Thanks to a neverending influx of pomade, gels and pencils, you can basically perform noninvasive surgery by applying any of these top-rated products. The cold, hard truth is that expertly drawn brows are the universal (and perfect) finishing touch for every type of makeup look. Whether they're wild and bushy or barely there, sculpting is key. Our favorite brow savers come in a variety of formulations, so you can decide which one works best for you. Sneak a peek at these tried and true brow products and get ready to take your arch to the next level. 

Jennifer Ford Oct, 04, 2016

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Create clean, defined brows with this creamy pomade that works triple time as a primer, sculptor and filler. The waterproof and smudge- proof formula is ideal for oily skin and should be applied with an angle brush that has short, stiff bristles. $18, sephora.com

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Sculpt beautiful brows that stay in place all day with this Amazonian clay-infused brow mousse. Blend seamlessly without leaving a waxy buildup behind. $29, sephora.com

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Avoid harsh looking brows and dust on this natural color using an angle brush. $12, sephora.com

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Use this one-step tool to create define, fill and set brows. This unique matte cream-to-powder formula is long lasting and easy to use, thanks to an angular tip applicator. $32, blackupcosmetics.com

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Add realistic volume to your brows with this fine loose powder designed to mimic real hair. Apply the powder in the direction of hair growth to fill and shape. $25, sephora.com

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Use this cream to powder formula to create brows with a natural velvety finish. $23, sephora.com

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This brow tool is like training wheels for the brow sculpting impaired. Its triangular tip is ideal for outlining and filling in your brows with one fluid motion. $23, sephora.com

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Seal in your perfectly drawn brows by using this long lasting waterproof brow gel. It's made with microfibers that adhere to the hairs and make them look fuller. $24, sephora.com

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Fill, define and lengthen your brows with this gel like brow corrector that doesn't stray or fade. Ideal for sparse brows. $22, sephora.com

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This kit includes everything you need to create fuller and defined brows. It features three universal brown shades that can be blended together to create custom color, and a pearlescent highlighter that you can work underneath your brow bone for added definition. $53, sephora.com