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#TipTuesday: 2-in-1 Beauty Products That Make Life Easier

Because not every girl has time for a 10-step makeup routine. 
#TipTuesday: 2-in-1 Beauty Products That Make Life Easier
Emma Innocenti

Although a 10-step makeup routine is fun to watch, it isn’t practical for day to day. If you want to clear space both on your schedule and inside your makeup bag, multitasking beauty products are the way to go. 

We put together three classic combos that every girl should have in her beauty repertoire. If you’re constantly on-the-go, this core trifecta is going to make life so much easier. 

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COMBO #1: Lip & Cheek 
We’re not sure who’s responsible for creating the first lip and cheek duo, but we’re eternally grateful. When you want naturally flushed cheeks and rosy lips at the same time, a two-fer tint or makeup pencil makes it super simple. 

Key Product: Our August BeautyBox includes Nudestix Lip & Cheek Pencil, a travel-friendly find that can be used to quickly draw and blend a minimal makeup look. The colors are neutral, making it a staple for all skin tones. 

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COMBO #2: Contour & Highlight
If you can’t leave the house without a face painted to perfection, highlight and contour duos will make sculpted cheekbones a reality. Apply the darker shade along the hairline, jawline and in the hollow of cheeks for depth. Then, apply and blend the lighter shade down the center of the nose, above the brow bone and cheeks. Finish with a setting powder and you’re runway ready! 

Key Product: NARS Sculpting Multiple Duo provides the perfect luminous finish to extend your summer glow. 

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COMBO #3: Co-Wash & Conditioner
Opposed to sulfates? Consider adjusting your hair routine to include a co-wash, which is a codeword for “cleansing conditioner.” Its ingredients aren’t as harsh as those in traditional shampoo, but deliver the same clean feeling. Combine with a conditioner and your locks will graduate to next level moisture. 

Key Product: Although co-washes are new to the mainstream beauty community, brands are already harnessing the power of a two-fer hair product. The Mane Choice makes a 3-in-1 Co-Wash, Detangler and Leave-In that will easily streamline your weekly cleansing routine. 

What are your favorite multi-tasking makeup finds? Let us know in the comments.