7 Items Every Girl Needs In Her Clutch This Weekend
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When you’ve worked up a sweat, disposable body wipes are a travel-friendly alternative to deodorant. These are a must if you’re planning to dance your way into the New Year.
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Even if you don’t classify as an “oily skin” type, blotting papers are a godsend when your makeup isn’t quite surviving a night of fun. Gently pat your face with the travel-sized sheet when you start to look shiny in selfies. Are you planning to slay in a revealing ensemble this New Year’s Eve? Keep Fashion Tape in your purse for the malfunctions you won’t see coming. The discreet double stick tape is also a smart alternative for bulky safety pins when you need to pull fabric tighter to the body.
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Use this cooling moisture stick before applying makeup or throughout the night when you’re feeling flushed. For maximum effect, store in the refrigerator for a day before putting inside your party clutch.
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When your lipstick is no longer poppin’, a low maintenance lip gloss is just as mesmorizing. And if you’re wearing a matte lippie and want to switch things up, layer with MAC’s Lip Glass for a high gloss finish.
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If looking photo-ready at all times is important to you, this revolutionary concealer pen will take you to the next level. Special elastomer pearls literally form a plaster over imperfections, leaving you with a high definition makeup look; no Photoshop required.
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There’s nothing worse than smelly breath just seconds before a New Year’s Eve midnight kiss. Keep these minty fresh savers on hand at all times; especially if you have dinner plans. Press play below for our NYE makeup how-to: 


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