Angela Simmons Shares All the Glamorous Details About Launching Her Debut Lipstick Line
Allen Cooley

This article originally appeared on Instyle

Growing up in the spotlight, it’s no wonder that Angela Simmons knows how to look gorgeous in every situation. And the 29-year-old daughter of Joseph Simmons, more popularly known as Rev Run, is poised to build a beauty empire based on that knowledge with a just-launched lipstick line worthy of her family’s entrepreneurial legacy. We sat down with the businesswoman to hear more about her innovative Lip A.R.T. collection and learn exactly how to make it our own.

“When I get glammed up, lip is one of my main go-tos, so I thought it would be important to have some colors that I could share with everyone else [and] that I truly enjoy wearing,” Simmons told us of the vision behind her collection 4-piece line of lip shades. The result: Two perfect red hues, a classic nude, and a bold metallic—each designed to be flattering to all skin tones. “Red lipstick makes you feel good. It’s an empowering color for women. Nude is also an easy, go-to color. It’s going to look good with whatever you’re wearing,” she explained of the well-edited color options. As for that gold-tinged metallic, Simmons recommends making it the statement piece in your total look: “Keep [your outfit] simple if you’re doing a metallic lip. All black could never hurt.”

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Allen Cooley

Simmons envisions the Lip A.R.T customer as someone as ambitious as herself. “The person who wears Lip A.R.T. is a working girl. She is an entrepreneur,” she said. “I want women my age, younger, and older, to feel good and empowered when they wear my collection.”

Allen Cooley

Shop the vegan-formulated tubes now for $14 each exclusively at, or, if you can hold out until December, snap up a holiday gift set featuring all four hues.