11 Cheap, But Luxurious Products For Feet That Need Some Serious TLC 

Even though sandal season is winding down, your feet still deserve year-round pampering. Beyond aesthetics, taking care of the skin, nails and soles of your feet is an underrated extension of skincare and healthy grooming. In honor of 'I Love My Feet Day' (yes, an actual holiday that takes place Aug. 17), we’ve compiled a list of affordable products that provide much needed TLC for your toes. 

Samantha Callender Aug, 17, 2017

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Prevent callouses with this orange oil-infused exfoliating bar that not scrubs away rough, weathered skin. 

available at Lush Cosmetics $5 Buy Here

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17 natural extracts combine to create this cult favorite, that literally causes your feet to shed away months of dead skin. 

available at Target $25 Buy Here

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Break out the heavy duty buffer to slough away dead skin from the heel area. This clutch kit also includes a nail file and clippers. 

available at Target $10 Buy Here

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If regular oil isn’t cutting it, this cream soaks and penetrates the skin to help prevent cracks and flakes. 

available at Target $9 Buy Here

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Prevent hangnails and cuticle tears by keeping them short and groomed with this must-have tool.

available at Walmart $7 Buy Here

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Keep your feet soft and supple with this bar scrub that energizes and buffs away dead skin.

available at Ulta $7 Buy Here

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Infused with moisturizing coconut oil, acai and Cupuacu butter, this system is a godsend after you've scrubbed away dead skin.

available at Sephora $27 Buy Here

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This dissolving gel prepares your feet for exfoliation by softening rough skin and calluses. 

available at Get Fresh $18 Buy Here

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Infused with macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry, orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers, this cream is a treat for your feet right after a pedicure or shower. 

available at Target $8 Buy Here

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These disposable socks are infused with hyaluronic acid and almond extract to hydrate and coat the skin in moisture. 

available at Sephora $5 Buy Here

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This fast-acting balm is infused with cotton thistle for regenerating damaged skin cells and moisturizing lemon and lavender oils for deep hydration. 

available at Dermstore $29 Buy Here