Get Your Glow On! The Beauty Products That Actually Make You Glow

Trust us, these products work.
Siraad Dirshe Aug, 02, 2018

Let’s face it, everyone wants to shine and there are numerous products and practices that promise to help us do so. And while there are loads of ingredients guaranteed to be good for the glow — like matcha, coconut, and watermelon — it can still be a struggle to find these items in the products you need.

So to help you get your glow on, we’ve rounded up the products we know work. From your skin to your hair and even your nails…we got you. 

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This coconut lotion boosts collagen production and helps tighten the skin from head to toe. It also has shea butter and grape seed oil, so you're sure to glow.

available at Derm Store $36 Buy

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This coconut-infused bronzer instantly and universally beautifies with the touch of a brush.

available at Sephora $49 Buy

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This coconut lip balm/scrub dual product, hydrates and nurtures lips all day long.

available at Sephora $6 Buy

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This 5-in-1 treatment restores dry damaged hair by deep conditioning your tresses with several nourishing ingredients.

available at Coco And Eve $50 Buy

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A matcha-infused primer that awakens even the most tired eyes.

available at Becca Cosmetics $32 Buy

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This polish is formulated with a sweet almond oil base and enriched with matcha powder, a powerful and potent antioxidant that provides an intense moisture booster to support nail health and protection.

available at JC Penny $11 Buy

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Give your strands a boost with this vitamin-infused shampoo blended with the brand's special "Green Supreme" recipe.

available at Target $10 Buy

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This matcha face mask combines the purifying properties of white clay with the powerful antioxidants of organic green tea.

available at Plant Apothecary $24 Buy

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Watermelon extract brightens and hydrates skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines for luminous skin.

available at Sephora $36 Buy

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A sheer nude color in a hydrating and healing lip balm infused with watermelon.

available at Hearbreaker $20 Buy

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One spritz of this watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower-infused spray and your hair is instantly refreshed. This one also smells amazing.

available at Oribe $26 Buy

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This watermelon-infused jelly sheet mask is the perfect quick fix for dry, tired-looking skin.

available at Sephora $8 Buy


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