It has been an interesting year in beauty in so many ways, and it was extra special to see it come to a close with the crowning of a Black Miss Universe—also making it a record year in pageantry.

When it came to beauty inquiries, there’s one place that reigned in questions and answers. Of course, we’re referring to Google, no mysteries there. And the platform shared insights on its top trending searches for 2019.

From across dozens of countries and topics, these are the beauty searches that spiked over a sustained period of time this year (as compared to last year). What our beauty searches say about us really depends on who you ask, but the data brings clarity to why we’ve seen the beauty trends we’ve seen all over social media, on runways, and in street style throughout the year.

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When it came to getting glam, some of the more interesting or surprising searches included:

How to apply color street nails, how to apply individual lashes, how to apply coconut oil to hair, how to apply primer.

Coconut oil comes in several forms these days, so it makes sense that using it could be a mystery to a newbie. But with shea nut, mongongo/manketti oil, jojoba, and so many other ingredients growing or maintaining in hair care this year, it’s surprising to see coconut oil still staying on top. With no demographic information about who’s searching for what, it’s hard to know how many Black women contributed to that search.

Searches that didn’t surprise us included:

How to apply fake lashes, how to apply toner, how to apply liquid foundation.

The ability to put on false eyelashes evades even the biggest beauty lovers. And one’s affinity for strips or individuals can complicate the situation. Luckily, this search will produce results for several YouTube videos that show beginners how to apply different types of falsies. We especially like this oldie but goodie below from beauty influencer She’kia Renea. It’s five minutes but she’s thorough and she shows that applying lashes is not a perfect one and done, and there’s typically necessary clean up.

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Apparently, folks were also highly interested in tapping into their DIY beauty sides. While we’re big on using homemade beauty from natural ingredients whenever possible, some brands just do it better than we can. These popular searches below would have resulted in a purchase of a quality product, and saving some quality time.

How to make scrunchies? Try the Sincerely Jules collaboration collection from Scünci.

How to make rice water? I’ve tried this and failed. Then I got Soultanicals Sprout Follicular Rice Tonic instead.

How to make temporary tattoos? Don’t! Grab some decals and try BodyMark by BIC, created with celebrity tattoo artist Miryam Lumpini.

How to make a lip scrub? I’ve actually done this successfully but preservation is problematic. I’ve since discovered Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask and it’s one of my go-tos.

How to make nails grow faster? That’s an easy one, get the right cuticle oil or nail strengthener. Your nails will thrive with OPI Nail Strengthener.

How to make teeth whiter? Dentists recommend tried-and-true white strips. Recently, I’ve discovered the wonders of Colgate’s Optic White Advanced LED Whitening Kit.

How to make your eyelashes longer? Clearly, with false lashes if you’ve been watching enough tutorials. But in case you haven’t, a great growth serum like LASHFOOD’s will do the trick.

And finally, how to wear a headband was highly searched across fashion and beauty categories. For us, that’s a simple question with an even simpler answer: Like a queen!