Ayesha Curry Officially The Face Of COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Mascara
Courtesy of CoverGirl

Over the years, Ayesha Curry has become a master at juggling several projects, and wearing different hats. With her many ventures, including her lifestyle brand Homemade, her partnership with QVC, Fempire, her original series on Ellentube, and now being the face of COVERGIRL’s Exhibitionist mascara, it’s a wonder how she consistently shows up looking nothing short of flawless every time.

Having an arsenal of COVERGIRL products at her disposal at all times doesn’t hurt. But in one day she can pivot from mom and wife, to entrepreneur, to TV host, then to women’s advocate, and make it look easy.

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ESSENCE was able to chat with the busy powerhouse to talk about all things beauty, including her newest campaign with COVERGIRL, her love for tattoos (including matching ones with her husband, two-time NBA MVP and point guard for The Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry), and why she says she’s actually not that outspoken.

You are now officially the face of COVERGIRL’s cult favorite Exhibitionist Mascara?

I’ve actually been using this mascara for quite a while now. I’m so excited that I get to represent it because it’s honestly my favorite. I like this tube because it’s weighty, and I love when a mascara is a little bit weighty. I’m able to get into the lash a bit better, because I’m a blink through lash type of girl. But it really does lengthen and volumize my lashes and it doesn’t get all over my face as I move throughout the day. We all want that.

What are your go-tos that last through your crazy busy days?

I try and keep it pretty clean on the daily when I’m at home, running around with the kids. So, [it’s] mascara, fill in the brows, bold lip. One of the first products I got to be the face of for COVERGIRL was the Outlast Lipstick and it really does last all day. So I typically put that on, and then just carry around the top coat with me. A little bit of Exhibitionist Mascara and then the super fine brow pencil and I’m good for the day. You have a conference call, find that good light. The last call, nobody knew that you didn’t sleep the night before.

Have you learned a bunch of beauty hacks and tricks since you’ve been working with the brand and with so many great professionals in the industry?

I learned less is more sometimes, and then on occasion it’s okay to play around with color, with contour, and just being big and bold, and that’s okay. So I like being able to switch it up sometimes.

Is there any particular feature you like to play up daily or even for a special night out?

I’m really into red and mauve-like hues. I played around with super deep dark, almost like purple black. I did one COVERGIRL [campaign] with a liquid matte lipstick, it was this vibrant purple and that was fun. But I feel it’s easy on date nights to just pop on the mascara and pop on the bold lip, and you’re good to go.

Let’s talk a little bit about Fempire. You’re using your resources and influence to empower other women. Why is that important to you?

I think we’re over the days of seeing women battle it out. There’s space for everybody, and I think it’s important to make that visible to people, and to young girls, and to women in business. I am so grateful to Ellen for giving me a platform to be able to help these women take their businesses to the next level and just show out. They have have done all the work and I was able to come in and hook them up with experts so that they can thrive.

I think being outspoken and, let’s be real, being an outspoken Black woman, you catch a lot of flak when you say things that people don’t always love.

I feel like that’s true. But at the same time, I think it’s weird because I actually don’t think I’m that outspoken. I really don’t think I say anything that’s that crazy. I think people have to look for things to complain about, which is fine. I’m like, ‘Do you all know if you channeled this same energy into creating a Google Doc of goals for 2020, you could accomplish so much instead of sitting here, thinking about what everybody’s saying wrong?’ There’s going to be a new energy in 2020.

What do you say to the moms who want to be beautiful, and sexy, who want to change the world, and shake the table, but are afraid that they’re going to be labeled?

I’m going to quote what our lovely Miss Universe said the other day, ‘Women deserve to stand their ground and take up space and it’s important for women to know that that’s okay, and that we’re allowed to be heard and we’re allowed to say what we need to say, when we want to say it,’ and that again, there’s space for everybody. So thrive in it.

You and Steph have matching tattoos. And you have one in Hebrew that translates loosely to Love The World, if you speak it…

I don’t and I get so excited when people ask to see it, and we know that it’s correct. It translates a little different in Hebrew, but it’s ‘love never fails.’ It’s first Corinthians 13 in the Bible; the love is patient, love is kind, but at the end it says love never fails. And we just feel like in a world so doubtful of happiness and relationships thriving, it’s our little reminder that it’s okay to love each other. We got it in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, at a random tattoo shop.

Do you feel like tattoos can be part of your beauty routine as well?

Absolutely! I love tattoos. I just got a new one the other day. I get tattoos when I go through certain things and I need a reminder. Or when I’ve overcome some sort of obstacle or need a reminder of triumph. I mean, it’s your body, do what you want with it.


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