Beauty-Inspired Art To Start Your Black History Month Off Right
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The first of the month hit and immediately my timelines began to fill with photos, memes, and notes punctuated with the phrase “Blackity, Black Black.” I was both tickled and reminded that it wasn’t just time to pay the rent, we officially made it to Black History Month. And this year, we have 29 days to expound on our yearlong celebration of Black culture and the Black community’s contribution to the world.

Every weekend as I’m scrolling through my feed and Insta-stalking the celebrities and influencers that I fangirl for, I come across something interesting and inspiring from The Black Art Expo.

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The page is “a space for unapologetic Black creatives and lovers of Black art,” and every day truly showcases Blackness in its excellence. There’s always something that I can’t stop staring at or watching, and it instantly garners a double-tap. I’m particularly intrigued by the Black beauty-inspired artwork, including the pieces focusing on Black hair.

So this week I wanted to share some of the work they’ve highlighted on their page that has warmed my Black girl soul over the past few months. When I look to fill my home with inspiration, I go for pictures and paintings that reflect the nuance of our excellence.

These brilliant pieces created by Black artists capture precisely what I see in us, translated to canvas, paper, and digital prints. The gallery below is just a tiny snapshot of what these talented creatives have to offer. So check out Black Art Expo’s page to see all the powerful artwork that didn’t make it into the gallery.

And check out the artists’ pages to see more of their incredible work that pays homage to the beauty of Black people.


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