What girl doesn’t want the everlasting adoration of her dear ol’ dad? Author, journalist, and love-expert-next-door Demetria L. Lucas warmed out hearts last night with a story that was no parts ratchet, all parts respectable. When she began describing her Uber experience it seemed like it would be another quip about the typical bizarre Uber driver.

But her driver, Mr. Juan, was different. He played classical music, he drove carefully, and he watched makeup tutorials on his iPad. As it turns out, Mr. Juan’s daughter is beauty influencer Monica Veloz, aka Monicastylemuse, and every time she posts a new video he gets a notification, and watches to increase her numbers.

“Maybe Mr. Juan likes to wear make up in his downtime. I don’t know his life. But then, I start looking and the MUA looks like Mr. Juan! It’s his daughter @monicastylemuse. He has notifications on her videos and he watches as soon as she posts to get her numbers up,” she wrote. “I liked @monicastylemuse before. I LOVE her now. We got the same crazy daddy. Go follow Monica because she’s dope AF. But also because it makes her Daddy happy.”

If that didn’t give you all the good feels, then the comments that followed had to do it. One woman even opened up with a touching note about missing her now deceased father, who was also her biggest cheerleader.

Emmy award winning celebrity hairstylist Daria Wright (@imdariawright) commented, “Wow!! This Uber story is UBER feel good, it’s amazing how things we have in common somehow draw us together!”

We share her sentiment. It’s a moment that makes you just gush. And if you live in New York it might even restore your faith in the people of the city—who can be cranky and brutal to each other when the weather gets hot and traffic is trash.

We already follow @monicastylemuse too, and we’re glad we can make Mr. Juan happy since he does it for so many people every day.


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