Lianne Farbes is the creator of the award-winning beauty blog, The Makeup Girl.  In addition to penning informative and entertaining beauty babble, Farbes is also a social media strategist, beauty expert, brand consultant, and founder & principal of Digital Girl Media, LLC.   Having blogged for 6 years, she is considered a “godmother” in the industry when it comes to beauty blogging.  In fact, to those she mentors, she is often referred to as a “fairy blog mother.”

“The Makeup Girl just celebrated its sixth anniversary on April 15th and I can honestly say that blogging has changed my life,” says Farbes. “I have met so many wonderful people and had so many fabulous opportunities. The biggest highlights of my blogging career were being mentioned in InStyle magazine’s “Best of the Web” issue in 2009, doing TV appearances, and developing my eye shadow Hocus Pocus for MAC Cosmetics.”   In addition to these achievements, Farbes is also a brand ambassador for Avon, Inc., which she particularly enjoys because of Avon’s state-of-the-art research and commitment to philanthropy.

As a full-time business owner and blogger, Farbes says what she loves most about blogging is being able to connect with her readers and help them feel beautiful.

“Beauty blogging gives my readers the opportunity to read opinions on products before they buy them and gain insight into things that they may not have thought of,” says Farbes.  “I love being able to help people.  That’s hands down the best feeling ever.”

Check out some of Farbes’ all-time favorite beauty products in the gallery.

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