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[MUSIC] So I'm always looking for ways to look cute and keep my hair protected which is why I'm loving these caps. They're satin lined, they look like a beanie. Win win, major trend alert. Metallic lips are having a huge moment. You need to grab one of these lip colors from Lancome. There are 13 hues, from champagne, to deep red, to bright blue. You cannot go wrong. So I'm a jewelry junkie, and one of my favorite companies is John Hardy. Hardy. I got to do something really special with the company. I got to design this bracelet. It has my son's name in it, which I love. And, you can contact the company to see if you can try to make your special piece, too. So, that's it. But you know there's always more. Check back next week for Dope Stuff on My Desk.

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If you woke up today with an excited feeling in the pit of your stomach but weren’t sure what you were anticipating, your spirit may have known that today marks day one of Bath and Body Works’ huge semi-annual sale. The deals run the gamut, with some select Bath and Body Works items marked down as much as 75%!

Also, if you’re equally addicted to nostalgia and collecting perfumes, they have brought back 10 of our favorite ’90s scents exclusively for the sale. Sounds like a sweet smelling TRAP, right?! Well, it probably is. Nonetheless, we’re into the idea of being lured into a dangerous sale by our favorite Bath and Body Works fragrances.

As of now, there is no official end date for the sale, everything is first come, first serve — basically, while supplies last!

This means we’ve got to buy now and weep over our bank accounts later.

Since we emphasize with how difficult it is to pick favorites, we’ve gathered 14 items we think you’d like! We couldn’t help but include a handful of our favorite retro fragrances.

1The Cucumber Melon Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works, $3.75 (normally $14)

2The Country Apple Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works, $3.75 (normally $14)

3The Plumeria Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works, $3.75 (normally $12.50)

4The Pearberry Ultra Shea Body Cream from Bath and Body Works, $3.75 (normally $13)

5The Twilight Woods Shower Gel from Bath and Body Works, $4 (normally $12.50)

6The Paris Amour Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works, $7 (normally $14)

7The Pink Chiffon Ultra Shea Body Cream from Bath and Body Works, $5 (normally $13)

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