How AWANA Spa & Wellness At Resorts World Las Vegas Completely Changed My Mind About The LV Strip
Blake Newby

I’ll say it so that you won’t have to: When we usually think of Las Vegas, the first thought probably isn’t luxury and it definitely isn’t about its offerings of beauty. A good time? Yes. Lots a parties and great drinks? Absolutely. Gambling galore? Duh. But I’d be lying if I said I’d travel to Las Vegas for the purpose of pampering. That was, until I was introduced to the Awana Spa in the brand new Resorts World Hotel in LV.

Let’s start by just saying that it makes perfect sense that this would be the spa to completely change my mind about an entire city, because Resorts World as a whole is anything but your average getaway. The first resort built on the iconic Las Vegas strip in over 11 years, the state-of-the-art property boasts three different hotel residences in total, each possessing its own individual flair and intention. There are countless pools, Michelin-star-level dining experiences and don’t even get me started on the impeccable interior design of it all. It’s the absolute opposite of what I’ve always characterized Vegas as, and I mean that in the best way possible. What most stood out and impressed me, however, is that you don’t have to walk through a casino to get to every location throughout — something utterly unheard of for anyone familiar with the strip. For me, it made my experience that much more pleasurable, as the slots and tables have just never been the things to tickle my fancy.

But back to Awana, the most peaceful and zen spa I’ve been to in ages. And trust me, I know my spas. When you walk in you’re immediately greeted by marsterfully-dimmed lighting and relaxing low-level music that makes the high-frequency energy of the resort outside the spa feel like a distant memory. You’re guided through crystalized hallways that lead to the various facilities in the spa — there’s multiple facial and massage rooms, a miraculous space with multiple pools all at different temperatures and a relaxation room equipped with televisions and offerings of champagne and foot massages. Still need more convincing? Well, you guessed it, I indulged in all of it. I received an hour-long Radiance Facial with a skilled aesthetician that left me looking like a bronzed, glowy goddess, received an Balinese Massage that started with a traditional foot bathing ceremony and ultimately put me to sleep like a baby and of course, took a dip in each pool until I found the one to my liking. Then I finished off by lounging in the heated marble chairs that surrounded the bodies of water.

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I’m just going to go ahead and say it — I deserve, and you do too.

The standout moment, and stay with me, is one that truly could only exist and make sense in Vegas. After all was said and done, I kicked back in a heated sauna and experienced my first ever sauna show. Yes, you read that right. For 20 minutes I sat in 100 plus degree heat while a brilliant dancer gracefully moved about the space, clad in the most awe-worthy pearled bikini, allowing her body to to be overcome by the luxurious tunes. I must admit, the initial thought of it seemed a bit wonky, but to experience it firsthand, I rushed to my group chats to share what I’d just seen. For those who do want a bit of the Vegas lifestyle while chilling out, this neon-lit experience is exactly your thing.

So let me make this ever-so clear, this is not me saying that you should travel to Vegas just to experience Awana Spa yourself, this is me telling you that you must. My life has been so hectic lately — back to back travel, working hard, maintaining a social life, so it’s always been imperative for me to have a moment of relaxation wherever I go. I would have never thought that Vegas would be the place to groud me more than I’ve been in months, but that’s the entire purpose of Awana. So if you’ve been planning a solo trip, a weekend of pampering for you and your girls, or just want to gift someone the gift of relaxation, I implore you to add this slice of heaven to your list. Your mind, body and spirit, will thank you for it.