Ask A Travel Journalist: Oneika the Traveller Reveals Her Secrets To Staying Camera Ready While On The Go
Photo by James Anthony

If you’re not following travel journalist Oneika Raymond on Instagram, then you’re likely catching up with her travel adventures on her blog, or watching her as a correspondent on New York Live, tuning into either of her two Travel Channel digital series, or checking out her on-camera work for travel and lifestyle brands. In other words, the gal is busy. But this catch-me-if-you-can beauty lover still took some time to share her beauty travel tips, tricks, and secrets with ESSENCE.

What are the products you can’t live without?

I’ve been doing a lot of on-camera work these days so I’m more rigorous about my beauty and skincare. Unfortunately I’m cursed with dry skin so I have to have some sort of facial moisturizer, shea butter, or cocoa butter for face and body.

Who makes the best travel size beauty?

I swear by Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer. I have combination skin on my face so [this primer] is so amazing. I’m all about my matte finish with my makeup.

What’s your favorite feature to accentuate?

It’s between my eyes and my lips. If I’m on camera I’ll wear a lot of vibrant matte colors. In daily life I play up my eyes. I love a cat-eye and I wear liquid liner, and mascara every single day.


What’s the beauty trick you learned late that you wish you’d known earlier?

Always make sure to do a lip.

What was your worst beauty moment?

Back in the day I used to pencil in my eyebrows with a black eyeliner. My brows were so thick and garish.

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Which influencers or celebs give you the best beauty inspiration?

I love @simplycyn. She’s not afraid to dabble in different things and her makeup and hair are always flawless.

What beauty trend or item would you tell travelers to avoid?

Anything really liquid. I tend to stick to gel because I’m always afraid I’ll have an accident with liquids spilling. I would never bring a toner or nail polish remover.

Let’s talk hair. Some of your followers came for your edges at one point.

I think I had braids or twists and someone made a comment once. I can’t always bring edge control with me!

You have natural hair. Has it been hard to maintain the health of your hair while traveling so much?

Having locs has been so freeing in terms of travel. I don’t need to bring a brush. I’ve had my locs for about 6 ½ years and I’ve experimented with them, like in January I cut them into a bob. I’ve been known to put extensions in my hair. It’s been really freeing.

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