The #ArthurMemes That Perfectly Capture Black Women Beauty Struggles

The Internet is funniest when cartoon memes go viral. A quick scroll down your timeline will likely unveil Mr. Krabs in a state of confusion or Kermit sipping a cup of Lipton Tea. These images combined with hilarious truths are what make social media bearable when heavy topics like the election or police brutalities are on our collective conscious. 

Truthfully, we didn’t think either of these characters could be topped…until Arthur came along. Yes, the same Arthur you watched after school on PBS. Instead of G-rated childhood challenges, the friendly aardvark and his friends are the mouthpieces for our millennial struggles; makeup included. 

From uneven cat eyes to awkward Sephora encounters, below are five Arthur memes that perfectly capture our beauty woes. Share if you agree!







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