Amazon Releases Moving Advert Featuring Black Ballet Dancer

There’s no doubt about it that during election week, a feel-good video of any sort can help lessen the anxiety which a majority of the world is feeling. It’s hard to comb through social media without being drowned by election coverage – from every angle. Managing to stand out amongst the noise is an Amazon advertisement titled, “The Show Must Go On.”

In the two-minute clip, a ballet dancer can be seen preparing for a big winter show until the COVID-19 news cancels what seems to be a highly anticipated event. This can directly correlate to the many disappointing hits that happened during height of the pandemic. Throughout the world to ensure safety, at the beginning of March a mandatory lockdown was put in place across multiple countries, and while some nations have lighted the lockdown protocol, many are still at a standstill.

The Amazon video nears its end with the dancer performing in her neighborhood (socially distanced, of course!), with applauding, cheering residents watching from their windows. The spot concludes with the phrase, “The show must go on.” This advertisement is a reminder that our new normal shouldn’t deter our personal successes.

Watch the Amazon advertisement below.

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