Alicia Keys Reveals Her Secrets To Glowing Skin In “Get Unready With Me” Tutorial
Photo: Instagram/@aliciakeys

Not only can we look to Alicia Keys for inspirational music and beautiful braid styles, but we can also turn to the singer for tips for achieving radiant skin.

In a YouTube tutorial on Monday, Keys gave us what we’ve all been waiting for: her secrets to her ever-glowing skin.

“Ya’ll have been asking for this for a while. It’s finally here…my routine that keeps me feeling good AND my skin glowing,” Keys shared in an Instagram post.

Keys shared her full-routine on her YouTube channel, where we learned what the self-care devotee uses to cleanse her face, clear breakouts and more.

“My face is very prone to breakouts. So I’m a fanatic about my face wash. I can’t just use everything, I can’t just use anything. I got to use these things that are either really strong and have a lot of almost medical-grade ingredients in it, or I have to use things that are very super simple and don’t have almost anything in them. It’s one or the other,” says Keys.

“We all struggle with keeping our skin clear, and I am very familiar with that struggle. So, my favorite trick is this crazy thing called the Advanced Blemish Lotion with Sulfur,” shared Keys.

For a look at Alicia Keys’ secret weapons for clear beautiful skin, watch the full tutorial below.


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