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From 54 Years Old To 103 Years Old These Black Women Are Definitely Ageless Beauties

If we’re only as old as we feel, then these five women have both the attitude and looks that will stand the test of time.

Suzanne, 54

On aging with grace: I don’t need to be the 25-year-old beauty anymore. I can be the 54-year-old holding her own and feeling good about herself, because you come more into yourself as a woman as you get older. The confidence and the sense of self that that brings makes me feel really grounded. And I love it because I’m so aware of it. Twenty years ago I did not feel this way. I think it’s just something that time gives you as a gift. It snatches your metabolism but gives you wisdom. On living her best life: I still go dancing with my friends. We’re as happy as we could be. I see a lot of people my age who say, “Oh, God, you still have so much fun.” I’m like, “Yeah, you just have to go out. You can have fun, too.” It’s not some special thing. I enjoy spending time with my family, keeping up relationships with friends and meeting new people.

Arlinda, 61

Hobbies: Dancing, Roller-Skating, Horseback Riding and Gardening On confidence: I don’t know that I’m confident. I just am who I am. I never knew that I dressed any differently from anyone else until two years ago. I never paid attention. I think that when people are comfortable with who they are, where they are in life, it builds a certain confidence. If you feed fear, it grows. If you feed, “Oh, my God, my skin is not perfect”—what is perfection? We don’t even know what it is, yet we try to follow what we think it is. That’s why a lot of women lack confidence. Her skin care routine: Every night I heat a white rag and hold it on my face. I rub jojoba oil all over my face to remove my makeup. Then I steam the rag again and wipe off all the oil. Finally, I use one drop of rose hip oil. For me, rose hip oil is amazing.

Bonnie, 74

Retired Legal Secretary Hobbies: Cooking, Dancing, Sewing and Reading Her beauty secrets: As a child I watched my mother. She didn’t really wear makeup; she cleansed her face with a lemon. It gives a stinging effect similar to an astringent. Once I grew up and started spending my own money, I began using products by Pond’s, then switched to Clinique and Clarins. Now I use coconut oil and Estée Lauder DayWear moisturizer all over my body. How she stays fit: I drink a lot of water and exercise six days a week. I do Zumba, and I lift weights. Philosophies on life: What’s inside definitely comes out. It’s what you eat and how you smile. It’s how you treat people. You need to love yourself and love others; live an unselfish life and have a forgiving spirit. You must treat people with respect, and it’s good to have a relationship with the Lord. You should help where it’s needed. Every time I help someone, I get paid back tenfold without even asking

Lisa, 89

Retired Administrator, Buffalo Board of Education Hobbies: Traveling, Reading and Singing Her beauty-philosophy: My grandmother raised me. If I was looking in the mirror even combing my hair, she’d always say, “Get out of that mirror, Lisa. Beauty comes from within.” That’s how I grew up—believing in my heart that you’re beautiful when you show yourself to be. You should be nice to people, treat yourself well and take care of your children. Her self-care regimen: My life was spent doing for my children. But every night I would take a long bath, and sometimes I’d put an egg yolk on my face as a mask. On looking to the future: It always bothers me when people say, “Act your age.” I don’t know what they mean by that. What I look forward to is continuing to be the person I am, doing what I can do. I can still move. I can still walk. I have a good mind.

Ida, 103

Retired Records Keeper, Harlem Hospital; women’s 60-meter dash world record holder (ages 95–99) Hobbies: Sewing, crocheting and reading On being physically active: It’s part of my life. I consider it my medication. It brings me happiness. It’s why I can get around; why I’m still alert in the brain. If I wake up and feel bad, I do some exercise—bend, squat, twist, turn, do some push-ups, kick my feet up over my head—and then I get up and say, “Gee, I’m fine!” Her beauty routine: First thing in the morning I take one tablespoon of cod-liver oil; it’s good for my bones and brain. I also take one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses. Once a week I take one tablespoon of iron. I mix two tablespoons of salt and a pint of cold water to wash my face. And I use coconut oil in my hair like a pomade. I rub it in after I wash my hair, brush it through and put some curlers in. On aging gracefully: You’re no older than you feel. Stay young. Go on and do something and take your mind off getting old.

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