This Spa-Worthy Cleanser Makes My Oily Skin Rejoice
If you let beauty gurus and skin specialists tell it, oily skin is a good thing. As someone who is plagued with astonishingly oily skin, I’ve been informed time and time again that my current plight will pay off in the form of little or no wrinkles down the line. Obsessed with all things beauty? Click here to get your tickets for the first-ever ESSENCE Beauty Carnival tour! That’s amazing — truly a blessing. However, does that mean that in the meantime I have to deal with the fact that my face accumulates so much oil that I can wipe my forehead & use what I collect to moisturize my elbows? Or that sometimes my contacts seem blurry & I’m sure it’s the built-up oils creeping down to my eyelids?


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Are either of those bizarre yet 100% true scenarios worth fewer wrinkles in the future? I’m not sure. What I am sure of though is that Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser (starting at $33, nordstrom) makes me feel like a new woman. The low foaming gel smells like a spa room on an all-inclusive resort in Barbados and after cleansing my face I’m left feeling refreshed, light and like I can take on the world oil-free. I’m always amazed at how this citrus-based formula banishes grime and film that builds up, leaving me with fresh and clean skin. What’s even more satisfying is that I’m not alone — reviews on Amazon and Nordstrom confirm that Aesop has a winner with this cleanser.


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