For some ladies meeting a mate at the gym would be ideal. But sometimes we look pretty busted after going round for round on that elliptical. We also don’t want to spend hours at the gym putting our faces together after a workout. Even if we’ve made up our faces beforehand, often times, it’s dripping down our backs by the end of a training session. Fashion brands revolutionized workout clothes that take us through those kickboxing/yoga/spin routines and into our day. We want our makeup to do the same.

“I do lots of video and I need to look fly. I believe in femme-esteem. It’s when you really love yourself enough to present yourself, take care of your body, and take care of your face, said fitness expert Tiffany Rothe.”

So we’ve found 7 foundations with staying power to outlast through the sweat—and depending on your fitness routine—blood and tears of your workout, to keep your femme-esteem in tact.