6 Must Haves From Sally Beauty
Peter Booth

This article orginally appeared on Real Simple.

1. Biotera Scalp Refresh Dry Shampoo

When hair is feeling a little lifeless and tired, wake it up with a spritz of this dry shampoo. The tea tree oil helps control oil production while peppermint oil refreshes the scalp and energizes the hair follicles for better hair health. It goes on clear so it works on all hair types without having to worry about any white powder residue showing up later.

To buy: $8, sallybeauty.com.

2. Tangle Teezer Detangle Brush

For the people who suffer from tangle-prone hair or a sensitive scalp, this is the brush for you. The unique shape allows it to fit right in the palm of your hand for the most control while the two tiered bristles (the long ones detangle while the short ones smooth) glide through tangles and knots with ease. Since it’s not pulling or breaking the strands, you’re left with healthier, happier hair!

To buy: $15, sallybeauty.com.

3. The Original Turbie Twist

Save a towel and your hair by using this on wet strands instead. The fabric your towels are made of can be too rough on strands and cause breakage and frizz when used to dry your hair. This one is made of super soft cotton velour that soaks up moisture fast without causing friction. Simply bend your head over so your hair is hanging in front of your face, drape the towel over (with the long piece in front) and twist hair into the towel until tight, then tuck it into the elastic loop to secure.

To buy: $8, sallybeauty.com.

4. Beauty Secrets Lip Shaped Buffer & Nail Clipper

Great as a gift or to keep for yourself, who doesn’t need an extra nail buffer or clippers? The nail clippers are fit right inside the lip shaped buffer for adorable storage in your purse or cosmetic bag. It’s also easy to spot so they’ll be harder to lose—fingers crossed!

To buy: $1.50, sallybeauty.com.

5. Hot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron

Well known among hairstylists, Hot Tools makes professional grade tools without the price tag. This curling iron has auto heat control inside the wand that maintains the temperature for consistent heat and more even curls. The 1” width creates natural waves that last for hours.

To buy: $52, sallybeauty.com.

6. Touch N Brow Razor

This discreet little razor removes unwanted fuzz from anywhere on your face without irritation or redness so you can get every last little strand of peach fuzz without a trip to the salon. Use it around your brows, lips or hairline for a smoother makeup application. It’s designed with a built-in safety guard so you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself. Just remember to use it on dry skin.

To buy: $5, sallybeauty.com.