There are a handful of things pretty synonymous with Beyoncé’s beauty looks: her long honey blond tresses, a bold lip, those piercing almond-shaped brown eyes, serving bawdy, and an all-day slay. Needless to say, she’ll never depart from the latter three.

And the “Brown Skin Girl” singer rarely goes over the top when it comes to her beautiful hairstyles, and she keeps it gorgeous but unfussy with her flawless beats. Rightfully so when your beauty needs no enhancement.

But in the past year, there were moments when Queen Bey gave us a taste of something different. And we ate it up each time, eagerly awaiting the next serving. So as we celebrate her 38th birthday—which many acknowledge as a national holiday—we cheers to her name with five times that Beyoncé made us gag with a dope and unexpected beauty look.

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When Beyoncé recreated Toni Braxton’s iconic look from the singer’s debut album, it was not only a departure from what we’ve ever seen Bey in, but also a tribute to her R&B sis.

Toni responded on her Twitter: Phoni Braxton!? NEVER!!! How do you look better than me on my album cover? I LOVE IT, Such a superstar! Thanks for the love sis!

That short hair was a good look for Bey.

In another tribute, Beyoncé dressed as Olympic track and field star Florence Griffith Joyner, more widely known as Flo Jo. Those long dark wavy tresses, red lips, and deeply lined eyes hit the mark. Her look went viral in minutes. It was also the beginning of many dark hair looks that we saw the singer with in the following months and we were here for it.

While this look still included Beyoncé’s signature long hair and a bold lip, it was one of the few times the singer gave such a candid shot of her moles. Those little facial beauty marks are usually covered up so we rarely get to see them. We loved this up close and personal view of her somewhat stripped down face. Even her stare in the photo is inviting, as if she’s giving us permission to look at her and really see her.

When Beyoncé’ hit the red carpet for world premiere of The Lion King, she wowed with a cornrow style that slightly mimicked finger waves. She also sported a bejeweled lip ring, and a smoky eye that framed those piercing almond-shaped eyes. The look was beautiful, unique, and a gracious nod to the African heritage highlighted in the film. It certainly wasn’t our first time seeing her in cornrows, but this look was different from the others and still creative and fun.

Over the holiday weekend Beyoncé’ started the celebration for her 38th birthday. It entailed champagne, cake, lots of laughter, and the showing off of some new grillz. The edgy mouthpiece paired nicely with her layers of necklaces, and big curly ‘do. She kept her lipstick nude and let the gold teeth jewels do all the shining, shining, shining, shining.


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