5 Sunscreens You Won’t Regret Buying
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Perhaps you have a love-hate relationship with your sunscreen. You’re smitten with the product because it protects you from sun damage, prevents wrinkles and even helps to even out your skin tone, but you aren’t as enamored with its greasy and sticky feel or the white cast it leaves behind. Am I right?

I’m no expert on relationships, but trust me when I say there’s a way for you to have a better experience with sun protection. If you want a sunscreen that doesn’t leave a film, then it may be time to break up with your go-to lotion and try an SPF mist instead.

Sunscreen mists typically feel weightless on the skin. And if you’re wondering if they’re as effective as their clammy counterparts, they are.

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The only downside is it’s difficult to know whether you’re completely covering the areas of your body exposed to the sun, so it’s recommended that you rub the spray in to ensure coverage.

In honor of National Sunscreen Day, I took the liberty of rounding up five SPF mists your skin will love.


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