Summertime is typically the only time we give bug repellent a ton of real estate in our minds. But it’s necessary. Through all the backyard barbecues, outdoor boozy brunches, and adventurous hikes, there are pesky mosquitoes, no-seeums (those teeny neon specks that you can’t see until they’re biting you), and scary disease-ridden ticks. Ladies, you have to wear protection. But nothing kills a cute day party vibe like the nagging smell of a sterile hospital room—especially if it’s radiating from you.

At that rate you’re likely to risk being bitten. But you don’t have to. Enter the bug repellent brands that understand. We’ve found 5 bug repellents that give you the same bug protection without the gross smell. And what’s better, they don’t leave melanin rich skin with an ashy film.

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