3-Steps to Gorgeous Lashes According to Beyonce’s Makeup Artist

We’re still floating on the Beyoncé high from her Lemonade album drop two weeks ago.  And, though we still have “Sorry” on repeat, what really caught our eye in the visual album (aside from all of the gorgeous natural hair and all of those celebrity cameos) were the makeup looks. So, whether you’re apart of the Beyhive or not, you can’t deny that Beyonce is a beauty influencer and her go-to makeup man, Sir John, is the maestro behind all of her beauty looks, namely her gorgeous lashes. Recently, Sir John gave an interview detailing his 3 steps to fabulous lashes. Disclaimer, Sir John takes lashes seriously, so you’ll need three different mascaras to get lashes that are Queen Bey Statue.

  2. Step 1: Invest in length.
  3. A lot of mascaras come with milky-hued primers that prep your lashes for mascara—skip the milky products and take a cue from Sir John and use a lengthening mascara as a primer instead. Take the spooley and pull the mascara wand from root to tip.  Wiggle the brush into your lashes and pull the pigment through “like a toothbrush.”
  5. Step 2: Focus on the outer lashes.
  6. To get the full bright 360 lash effect, concentrate on applying you mascara in the direction that your lashes grow. “I concentrate my lash game on the outer edges for a mesmeric cat-eye effect, ” states John. After applying your lengthening mascara, coat your outer lashes with a volumizing mascara (while the first coat is still wet.) Be sure to coat the lashes from root to tip pulling your outer lashes upward and out towards the end of your brow.
  8. Step 3: Try brown mascara on the bottom lashes.
  9. Lining your lower lash line with black can add age to the face, the same goes for using black mascara on your lower lashes. Sir John recommends ditching your usual black mascara in favor of brown for your bottom lashes. Run the mascara wand over your lashes with a  single coat for barely-there color, “It’ll look like black from afar, but it’s more flattering up close,” states John. Besides, who doesn’t want youthful eyes? 

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