For those hitting Essence Festival for the first time, the anticipation of all the excitement and wonderful experiences to come might be overwhelming. In all that excitement it’s easy to overlook the small stuff, including the Superdome’s clear bag policy. To sum it up, it states that your bag must be clear if it’s larger than a clutch. For Essence Festival, and pretty much any festival, you want to travel with an easy load anyway.

A small bag or clutch is key to keeping your bounty light, especially in the sweltering NOLA heat. Whether you want something that’ll fit inside your clear bag just to keep your personal items discreet (because you like to tell select people about your love for The Honey Pot Co, but you don’t want to show everyone), or you need a cute clutch that fits the Superdome guidelines, we found some great buys that you can get in time for the big Fest.

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