11 Waterproof Mascaras You Need For The End Of Summer

You don’t need to be a beach bum or an Olympic swimmer to appreciate these top rated waterproof mascaras. Get ready to bat your lashes all through the hottest month of summer.

Nikki Brown Aug, 11, 2016

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If you’re obsessed with this brand’s signature plumping glosses, you’ll be happy to know the same formula is applied to their waterproof mascara. $20, sephora.com.

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If you have an active lifestyle, this pro-artist brand makes waterproof mascara that is famous for delivering high pigment without clumping. $24, sephora.com.

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Apply this innovative formula just once and you won’t have to apply mascara for two days! If keeping makeup on for 48 hours straight seems scary, take comfort in the fact that it’s also infused with vitamin B5 for added conditioning. $22, sephora.com.

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When you’re low on time and money, this drugstore classic will keep your lashes from falling victim to humidity. $6, ulta.com.

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This drugstore favorite is hypoallergenic and most suitable for contact lens wearers or those with sensitive eyes. $8, drugstore.com.

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Rihanna’s devoted “Navy” will get a kick out of this cleverly named mascara, which happens to be waterproof, too. $15, benefitcosmetics.com.

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This affordable and eco-conscious pick is also formulated with olive esters, which will plump and penetrate every single lash to perfection. $9, ulta.com.

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Channel your inner bombshell with another iconic mascara that is infused with olive esters for top-notch protection. $15, ulta.com.

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If you like living on the edge, YSL’s waterproof mascara is formulated with bright and bold colors like “Signature Violet” and “Majorelle Blue.” $32, yslbeautyus.com.

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‘Better Than Sex’ is an iconic mascara because it actually works! All it takes is one coat to see your lashes volumize. $23, toofaced.com.

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This catwalk staple will elevate your lash game to A-list levels without the smudges and clumps. $29, nordstrom.com.


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