Earlier this week the late singer Aaliyah was immortalized with her own wax figure in the world famous Madame Tussauds wax museum in Las Vegas. The figure mimics her likeness in her iconic “Try Again” outfit, where she donned a blinged-out bra with matching choker and belt, leather pants, and the best metallic smoky eye of 2000.

The unveiling marked a truly special moment as it comes almost two decades after the beloved singer died in a tragic plane crash on her way back to the United States after filming a video for her hit “Rock the Boat.” That last video she shot was poised to be a turning point for the star, who was revealing a new image with that album. She had shed the tough street persona that she came out with and began to adopt a softer and more mature style, even with her makeup.

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Aaliyah was always one for keeping her hair laid, and as she got older she began to open up with her beauty, embracing makeup color trends, and even being first to wear many. We lost her too soon, but not before she could make her mark on the beauty world, inspiring looks that we go to when we want to slay today.

So here’s to the many times the late legend got it right with a beauty trend, unaware that she was truly ahead of her time.


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