Serena Williams is arguably the greatest athlete of her generation. So when she revealed on her Instagram today that she is gracing the box of Wheaties—an honor that says that you are an athlete with enviable and covetable skills—there was a resounding ‘finally!’ amongst many Black women. She is only the second Black woman tennis player bestowed this honor; tennis great Althea Gibson being the first in 2001. And one of only a handful of Black women; in 1996 gymnast Dominique Dawes was featured on the box, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee made the box in 2004.

While Williams is humble and grateful for the honor, she’s more than deserving. Her strength and athleticism have been beaten down and criticized, and she has continued to persevere through it, becoming more and more successful in her sport. And for all of the critics who are confused, her looks, her hair, her skin color, her musculature, and her body are all reminders of what Black woman magic looks like truly realized.

For those who need a reminder, we’ve pulled the receipts. In the past year, the superwoman has been gracing us with her talents, and also her beauty, reminding us that she is exactly who should be on that aspirational cereal box. Better eat your Wheaties, ladies.


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