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10 Times Beyoncé's Instagram Gave Us Carmen Vibes

The star gave us all the drama of an opera-worthy seductress with these looks.
10 Times Beyoncé’s Instagram Gave Us Carmen Vibes

With Netflix streaming Carmen: A Hip Hopera, starring a baby-faced Beyoncé Knowles Carter and young Mekhi Phifer, beginning June 1, everyone is in their nostalgic feelings. The movie, which originally aired on MTV, stars Beyoncé as the title character, a seductress who uses her sex appeal to get what she wants. Eventually, it catches up to her, and she’s murdered by a scorned lover for breaking his heart (spoiler alert for a movie that debuted in 2001).

With fans eager to relive the music, the drama, and even the story which is based off an original opera composed in 1875 by Georges Bizet, we are eager to relive the Yoncé IG looks from the past year that channel Carmen, and that got us all in our feelings with beauty envy.