The achievements of women deserves constant recognition and celebration. Fan-favorite cosmetics brand Smashbox, agrees. That’s why this weekend, the makeup leader is teaming up with Patty Delgado, founder and designer of Hija de Tu Madre and Julissa Prado, CEO and founder of Rizos Curls, for a virtual jubilee titled Jefacon. Meaning “boss” in Spanish, the word “jefa” is one very familiar to the esteemed panelists which include entrepreneurs, journalists, tech experts and authors.

According to a study conducted by the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative, Hispanic-owned businesses have continued to rise at a 40% growth rate since 2012. For context, that’s double the United States average. “Smashbox embodies the hustle,” Kimberly Villatoro vice-president of North America marketing for Smashbox says in a press release.

“As one of Los Angeles’ original indie beauty brands, we know what it takes to build something from nothing. So do our two incredible collaborators, Patty and Julissa. Together we will use our voice and amplification power to inspire and empower the women who define history, beauty, and evolution,” says Villatoro. 

The celebration will also highlight the accomplishments of countless Afro-Latinas throughout the digital celebration. “Entrepreneurship can feel like an isolating journey at times because you’re so focused on your dreams and goals, plus having to social distance because of the pandemic…it’s challenging so I was super excited to hear there would be an opportunity to virtually link-up with other inspiring Latinas entrepreneurs and hustlers,” Bianca Kea, founder of Yo Soy AfroLatina tells ESSENCE.

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In addition, she looks forward to sharing her experiences as a product of two cultures. “In my opinion, being Afro-Latina means embracing your Blackness and also identifying with your Blackness,” she continues. “I’m proud of the fact that I will always be at the intersection of two beautiful cultures but I’m also aware of how I present to society as a Black woman in America, which I take extreme pride in. Afro-Latina simply means I am a Black Latina. Period.”

Also a part of the powerful lineup, is MJ Acosta-Ruiz, host of NFL Total Access. “Jefacon is a celebration of all that we do to advance ourselves and future generations in spaces that have not traditionally welcomed or embraced us as women of color,” she shares with ESSENCE. “Being Afro-Latina is beautiful and multi-layered. It’s that connection to my Black roots and a part of my identity I proudly celebrate every day.”

To tune into Jefacon, simply visit anytime on Saturday, December 5, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST. Check out the full schedule ahead.


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