Shonda Rhimes Says Peabody Win was ‘A Complete Shock’
Jennifer Graylock/ Getty

Scandal mastermind Shonda Rhimes is among the 46 winners of the prestigious Peabody Award revealed April 2. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rhimes says that her win against shows like Breaking Bad and heavy PBS documentaries like The African Americans was a “complete shock,” but also vindication for a show that has often been written off as a guilty pleasure. 

The series, starring Kerry Washington and based on the life of professional fixer Judy Smith was called “part West Wing and part Dynasty” by the awards committee. 

Rhimes says that the show that plays on viewers emotions with assassination attempts, adulterous affairs and jaw-dropping scandals, is a lot more truthful than it is a soapy drama. 

“It’s the dark underbelly of Washington that we all desperately hope doesn’t exist but probably does in some way,” said Rhimes. “I don’t think the show is a soap opera at all. It’s interesting when people say, ‘Olivia loves Fitz, but he’s not a good guy.’ I’m like, ‘You need to look around the landscape because they’re all murderers!'”

The Peabody Awards will be presented May 19 in New York City.