From Army PR to Styling Isan Elba for the SAG Awards: Read One Blogger’s Amazing Journey
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Blogger and co-founder of Adorn Media Group Lauren Price knows a thing or two about style, which is why she was more than ready when she got the call to style Idris Elba’s daughter, Isan, for the SAG Awards.

Price says one day she got a call from Michelle St. Jules, owner of Style Balance Management, saying that she had a client that needed to be styled for the SAG Awards. The client in question happened to be Idris Elba’s teenage daughter, Isan.

Boasting over 10K followers on her Instagram, Lauren is the go-to girl for chic, clean, minimal style. She brought her aesthetic to Isan’s look with a printed Roberto Cavalli dress paired with wedge sandals.

“That Roberto Cavalli dress was absolutely her top pick. I had a couple of other things and nothing kind of held the candle to it. It was the one that she loved, her mom was there, she loved it, she just loved it as well and it ended up being a top pick.”

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Price’s journey to fashion wasn’t a direct route. She previously worked PR for the Army, but says it was the need for a creative outlet that prompted her to start her blog.

“At the beginning when I was a little bit younger I would style my friends and my family,” she says. “I also loved to take pictures of my outfits and post them on Instagram before selfies were a thing. One day it just occurred to me this is something that I enjoy doing. I was working in PR for the Army Reserve so I needed a creative outlet. A fashion blog, I spent one weekend figuring out how to purchase the domain and the name, and went from there with it. I did that almost three years ago.”

Price, who has also styled for private clients in Atlanta plans to go full-steam ahead with her new venture. “I had so much fun and Isan was fantastic. I would love to take off with this too.”

Follow Lauren’s journey on or on Instagram at @fashionably_lo.