ESSENCE Poll: Who Should Host The Oscars Next Year?
Kevin Mazur

Awards Season has ended and we’re already looking forward to next year. Sure, we want to know what movies and actors will be nominated but we’re more excited to see who will be next to host the biggest night for film, The Academy Awards?

Kevin Hart has already come forward saying he’d like to take over the Oscars “immediately.”

“I’m thrilled to be here but this is just the first step,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “The next step is to come back and host. Immediately.”

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While Hart would definitely be a hilarious headliner, we’d love to see some of our other favorite stars considered. Like Eddie Murphy, for example, who was pegged to host a few years ago. Or even Oprah Winfrey. She opened our Black Women In Hollywood luncheon this year and was phenomenal.

Queen Latifah has hosted her own talk show so hosting the Oscars should be a piece of cake, right? And let’s face it, The Rock would certainly be nice to look at for four hours (or more, please!). 

We’ve listed our predictions below but we’d love to hear from you. Who do you think should host the Oscar’s next year? Take the poll and share your choices in the comments below.

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