A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Beyoncé’s Grammy Hair
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Sure, we’ve all had long, flowing weave before. But, there’s something different when Beyonce wears it. It’s fresh, sexy, and, let’s face it, practically perfect. And even when we try to recreate the look at home, it’s very clear that we can never wake up like her. Until now. Enter Pantene celebrity stylist Kim Kimble, who’s responsible for the Queen’s ogle-worthy tresses. Here, she shares step-by-step instructions to help you re-create the star’s loose, edgy waves from the 2015 Grammy awards.

Step 1: To achieve soft waves, start with clean hair using a lightweight regimen that won’t weigh hair down, but will add volume and prevent frizz.

Step 2: Apply a volumizing product all over your hair, or a small amount of anti-frizz serum before blow-drying it straight.

Step 3: Separate hair into 2 inch sections and use a 1.5 inch tourmaline flat iron to begin creating the loose waves. Place the flat iron a few inches below the root and twist the flat iron a turn and a half before gliding the iron down the hair shaft. This adds a curl throughout the entire length of hair, while also smoothing it out and making it look effortless.

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Step 4: Next, run fingers through hair to loosen up the curl and create an edgy wave. Take the flat iron and quickly run it over each section of hair again to flatten it a bit. Don’t make it look too flat or straight or the wave will fall.

Step 5: Take a pea size amount of shine serum and run fingers through hair again to enhance shine and lock out frizz. I love using the Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek Smooth Serum with Argan Oil because of its lightweight texture and humidity control for silky, soft hair.

Step 6: Finish the style off with a medium-hold hairspray to keep the style in place while also allowing the waves to move.