Someone made quite the splash at Monday night’s Emmy awards, but no is quite sure who. During TV’s biggest night, cameras followed Bill Hader as he approached the stage to pick up his Emmy Award for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series thanks to his role in Barry. However, fans noticed that on his way to the stage Hader hugged Donald Glover’s odd Atlanta character Teddy Perkins, but was it Glover or someone else?!
Teddy Perkins appeared in Atlanta‘s season two in an eponymous episode as Glover portrayed a pale, creepy character with a very startling face. Some fans who spotted the character during the Emmys broadcast immediately believed it was Glover. Other’s weren’t quite as sold. And, Glover was spotted later in the audience wearing a pinstriped suit, leaving many wondering if it’s even humanly possible to change that quickly. Glover’s Atlanta received numerous major nods this year, including Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Best Comedy Series, and Best Guest Actor, for which Katt Williams won an Emmy. TOPICS: