One Of These Soul Songs Probably Helped You Through A Bad Breakup

Here is a list of our favorite R&B break up songs that perfectly describes your broken heart.
Kimberly Wilson Feb, 13, 2019

Breaking up is hard — but we’ve all been there.

But the good thing is, when you feel like your heart just can’t make it another day, music can get you through the despair. Especially R&B. There’s just something about real R&B that evokes so much emotion — whether good, bad, ugly or beautiful. It does the trick when the pint of ice cream, rom-coms, and even revenge body workouts don’t.

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Why does it help so much? Because there’s a song for your every sorrow. Angry your ex left you? Sad you both wanted different things? Realized your just not that into him? Circumstances or distance won’t let your love be great? There really is a song to get you through your feelings, no matter how complicated.

So here is a list of our favorite R&B break up songs that perfectly describes your broken heart. Trust us, we know from experience.

Is it even possible to unbreak a heart? Maybe not, but this song will make you want to try.

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When you hear this song, you typically start crying — instantly.

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This song will make you realize it’s his loss, not yours.

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You may be sick of love songs, but for some reason you can’t stop listening to them.

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The only thing you can do at this point is chuck up a deuce at your relationship.

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It’s okay to admit you’re brokenhearted.

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This is for when you might have been the one who caused the pain.

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When you start thinking, how could the one I gave my heart to, break it so bad?

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This song will have you feeling like the Usher and Chilli breakup back in 2003.

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Wipe those tears away, you can’t give that person one more tear, or anymore energy.

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The moment you realize, “this is it, it’s over.”

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For whatever reason it didn’t work out, you still may want to be friends, but this song helps you realize — you can’t.

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This is the final stage of breakup heartbreak: when you realize it’s time to move on.

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