As the #OscarsSoWhite discussion continues to gain steam, Fashion Queens star Miss Lawrence stopped by our Black Women in Hollywood red carpet to throw his two cents into the discussion.

Hollywood Diversity Report Card Shows #OscarsSoWhite Might Not Change

Though he said that Hollywood diversity is definitely a pressing topic, the issue extends beyond the awards ceremony.

“I believe that it shouldn’t just be a conversation about the Oscars,” he said. “There’s a lack of diversity within our own community. We have to address issues on all ends of the spectrum.”

It’s for that reason, he said, that celebrations like Black Women in Hollywood are so crucial.

Mo’Nique Believes #OscarsSoWhite Obscures Pay Equality for Black Actresses

“African-American women have such remarkable spirits in a space where, as a culture, we’re in a very specific space,” he said. “And I think saluting and celebrating African-American women are are so integral is important.”

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