Keke Palmer On Black History: “It’s the Most Beautiful Thing in the World!”
Getty Images

Black history month is a time for us to celebrate our past, present and future, and for actress Keke Palmer, she couldn’t be prouder.

“I get my strength from knowing where [Black people] have been,” says Palmer. “And that to me is magical. Some people can look at that as a negative, but to me the history of Black people is the most beautiful and astonishing thing in the world. To see how far we’ve been, and to see where we’re going is the magic of a Black woman.”

For Palmer, Black History month doesn’t just end in February—it’s all year. “No matter what I go through, I can look back and have that strength and know that I’m going to be okay because of the people before me.”

Black Women in Hollywood isn’t new to Palmer, in fact there’s only one real reason that brings her back year after year: the amazing women in the room.

“I love Black women in Hollywood!,” she says. “We get to congratulate each other. People assume that we get to see each other more than we do, but we’re all out here grinding and working the pavement. So, we don’t get to connect. And also, we get to say, “When are we working together, girl?”