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[MUSIC] Tracee is truly one of the funniest women I have ever met. I started to admire Tracee's comedy chops on a show called Lyricist Lounge and they were doing improv and sketch comedy. When I wrote the character for Joan, it was supposed to be Regina King. But Regina King didn't want to return anybody's phone calls. [LAUGH] So we looked all over town for Joan. From the moment she did the first line of the script, I was like, " my God, she's Joan." I can't see anyone other than Tracee Ellis Ross playing Joan. One of the best things about doing Reed Between the Lines Was working with Tracy. And our relationship. I mean she's an actress, you know? She can play I think anything. She's incredibly talented both dramatically and comedically. I guess what makes Tracy and I have so much fun together is because we are so much alike and so opposite at the same time. Tracy has created A plethora of amazing characters, where you forget that's Tracy. Tracy and I have been friends forever so, I've brought Tracy a lot of projects. And so I told her, I was like this is something I wanna do, you're the person I wanna do it with. One of the things that resonates about Tracy is that Lucille Ball-ish quality. I think Tracy has really redefined the idea of what The television mom is. I think for comedy you just gotta commit. You gotta be able to drop it and commit. I think what makes Tracy's comedic timing or her comedy so good is because it's all rooted in heart. She's like shazam. She's ike the female, the human incarnation of a lightning bolt, meaning like light, powerful, jagged, sharp and on fire. [MUSIC]

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“Tracee has created an amazing plethora of characters where you forget that’s Tracee,” says Girlfriends creator and executive producer Mara Brock Akil. 

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