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5 Wonderful Things We Learned About Regina Hall From Her Bestie Sanaa Lathan

Go best friend! Sanaa Lathan spilled some unknown facts about Regina Hall at the ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood awards.
5 Wonderful Things We Learned About Regina Hall From Her Bestie Sanaa Lathan
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Thanks to her best friend, and fellow actress, Sanaa Lathan, who presented Regina Hall with her award at the 2019 ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards luncheon, we got to know the actress on a much deeper level.
While introducing her good sis, the Nappily Ever After star spilled some tea on her bestie that we’d never heard before. The depth and character of our darling Hollywood beauty Regina goes deeper than we’d ever imagined. Get into this list of the fun facts about Regina Hall.

Vickey Ford

1. She a seriously deep think and philosopher…and the girl can talk up a storm!

David Livingston

2. Regina is a huge dog lover with a major soft spot for her furry friends. She’s even in the process of starting a business dedicated to her love of animals. We can’t wait to hear what it’s about!

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3. She once had a huge crush on…wait for it…the Dalai Lama! She even did a panel with him once and was calling him her boyfriend. Get it girl!

Jason LaVeris

4. Regina is highly spiritual and is always striving to become her best self. In fact, she once told Sanaa that she was planning to leave the business to become a nun. Yes, really!

Jason LaVeris

5. Despite the fact that they’ve been competing for so many of the same roles throughout their career, Sanaa and Regina have formed an unbreakable bond. They call each other their “human diaries.” We could just melt!