Beauty Hair Test

ESSENCE.COM Apr, 22, 2015

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“It’s an invigorating, deep-cleansing shampoo that will remove buildup in the hair and on the scalp.” —Carla Gentry Osorio

$13 each,

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“Pink lotion tamed my unruly strands as a kid, and now it’s a must-have for my son’s curly locks.” —Nykia Spradley

$8, Rite Aid

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“VO5 is the go-to moisture treatment for all hair types. It’s what we compare everything else to.” —Chuck Amos

$5, Walmart

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“For years I saw this on shoots in the hands of star stylists. The ‘one pass’ is true, and it’s still a favorite among the new guard of celeb stylists today.” —Pamela Edwards Christiani


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“Hands down, it’s one of the best deep conditioners ever. No more knots, tangles or dryness.” —Andrea Jordan


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“I can’t live without it. It keeps strands hydrated, the aroma is great and it works well on natural hair.” —Derrick Scurry

$58, 16 oz, Target

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“Great for curly and pressed hair as it seals moisture and 
gives terrific shine.” —Hadiiya Barbel


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“This legendary product gives hair great shine 
and hydration without residue.” —Derrick Scurry

$5, Walmart

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“This hair spray has a light hold and gives me the versatility to brush through the hair when it’s time to switch up my clients’ styles.” —Larry Sims

$15, Walmart

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“This is the prototype for what we now call hair masks. Before hair masks, there was Infusium23.” —Chuck Amos

$7, Walmart