The shenanigans going on in the White House have catalyzed many to speak about the future of this country, even in settings where it’s not a topic. During Monday night’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors, Pharrell Williams spoke his piece before presenting Hype Williams with an award. “Everybody at home watching this and acting like y’all don’t see what’s going on out there, you gotta open your eyes,” he began. “And if you look like, then you know how we got here. But we’re here and not leaving… The human condition is important. Don’t think just because they’re coming at the African-Americans and they’re coming at the Jewish community and they’re coming at the Hispanics that it can’t be you too. They’re using you.”   Adding, “I know it sounds like hijacking the moment on my Jon Snow sh-t [HBO’s Game of Thrones character]… They keep talking about a wall. But the enemy is this divisive mentality. It’s on this side of the wall… The white nationalists are walking towards your future. What you gonna do?”   As noted by Rolling Stone, earlier this month, Williams agreed to take part in the Dave Matthews Band’s benefit concert in Charlottesville that will support protesters hurt during clashes with white nationalists and neo-nazis —in addition to other “organizations devoted to the promotion of healing, unity and justice locally and nationwide.” In addition to making music, Williams runs his I Am Other production company, has a Beats One radio show, is a creative consultant for Adidas and G-Star RAW and is a father of four. TOPICS: