David And Tamela Mann Talk About Financial Wellness
Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for ESSENCE

On Friday’s Essence Festival Power Stage in New Orleans, David and Tamela Mann joined State Farm agents to tell festival goers how they can make power moves with their finances.

While speaking with ESSENCE’s news and politics editor, Tanya Christian, they shared their journey toward retirement planning and what steps they took to secure their family’s assets.

“Each of our children was able to balance checkbooks by the age of 15,” David revealed before Tamela spoke on the importance of teaching younger generations about how to properly manage money and credit.

The “Take Me To The King” singer admitted that she enjoys sharing what she’s learned because so many like herself “didn’t have the guidance” to do so.

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The couple, who are avid churchgoers and tithers, also discussed their allocation of money and time towards church and charities. Both agreed that everyone can give back to the community by offering a hand.

State Farm agent Felicia Boudreaux chimed in with gems on how to handle personal finances in a responsible way so loved ones won’t be left with “more than debt and regret.”

Photo by J.R.Thomason

She advised guests to get clear on their needs versus wants and the impact of saying “no” to instant gratification.

The Texas-based agent insisted, “We leave a greater impact if we’re financially and morally responsible towards ourselves and our families.”


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