Issa Rae And Robin Thede  Are Bringing Black Girl Comedy To HBO As You’ve Never Seen It Before

A Black Lady Sketch Show is coming to a tv screen near you and you do not want to miss it.

Brought to you by HBO, A Black Lady Sketch Show is a half-hour comedy sketch show written by, directed by and starring Black women.

Comedian and writer Robin Thede and executive producer Issa Rae created the narrative sketch show because they wanted to build an environment for Black female comedians to be themselves. 

During a screening and panel, ESSENCE’s Entertainment Director Cori Murray spoke to the stars of the series, with Thede explaining how the show plans to tackle issues in our current political climate.

“Seeing us, Black women, on screen is political,” Thede said. “That’s all the politic we need. My purpose is to let people see there are so many different types of Black women and I want them all represented.”

The main cast Thede, Gabrielle Dennis, Ashley Nicole Black, and Quinta Brunson all bring a dynamic and distinct comedic edge to the show and Thede revealed that it was her plan to cast a variety of talent for the show to bring to light the multi-layers Black women can bring to the screen.

The show also features star-studded guest appearances from Angela Basset, Laverne Cox, Kelly Rowland, Tia Mowry and so many more. A Black Lady Sketch Show is the first series sketch show to be directed by a Black woman and the first series sketch show to have a Black woman as the head writer.

It’s no surprise that Essence Festival 2019 had the honor of premiering the very first episode to an excited audience of festival goers. 

A Black Lady Sketch Show premieres August 2nd at 11 p.m. on HBO.  


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